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We invest in the

future of energy

Boboro Holdings' investments are focused on Rare Earth Elements on the African Continent.


We focus on battery

minerals in DR Congo

We finance various trading desks in DR Congo, for collecting, purchasing, concentrating, barreling, and exporting energy minerals to the world market.


We invest in Energy Mineral operations

Boboro Holdings is an investment company focused on financing the Rare Earth mineral trading facilities in DR Congo.


Our Company Services

Miners and Producers require access to key markets for their products. Boboro, through its extensive international contacts book and expansive market network, services such producers by entering into transparent marketing agreements to distribute and market their products to end consumers.

Boboro takes complete control of the distribution and selling process, typically from the mine-side or port of origin to the end consumer, and delivers this service, usually in conjunction with the provision of our Financing services to aid working capital requirements.

Boboro’s service:
Provide miners and producers access to global consumer markets through our international presence and reputation.

Removes much of the logistical headache in selling commodities
Evens out mismatches between production and consumption volumes.

It is flexible through added services such as the provision of financing up and down the supply chain.

It is transparent for the producer.

Sourcing hard-to-find critical and technology metals can be a daunting and next-to-impossible task for consumers, and access to markets for small-scale producers can take time and effort. Through Boboro, we provide the environment for competitive pricing for our consumers and producers.

Customers rely on Boboro for its extensive knowledge and strong relations with producers worldwide of critical metals and minerals to meet their consumption needs.

Boboro’s service:

Meets the needs of Customers in sourcing and procuring material from around the world through access to producers

Removes much of the logistical challenges in finding and sourcing commodities

Provide flexible added financing services (backed by commodity ownership transfer), where appropriate, to further enhance the procurement process.

Logistics is a critical service that Boboro delivers to our Customers, managing the transportation of materials around the world and constantly striving for cost-effective, environmentally friendly and timely delivery.

We have a dedicated team of logistics professionals and strong relations with a partner agency (https://transfreight.co.ke) focussing on international commodity logistics and transportation.

Boboro is focused on meeting the needs of our customers and doing so as efficiently and effectively as possible with due care for the logistics activity's environmental, economic, social and good governance aspects.

Through our partner company, Boboro Holdings Mauritius, Boboro Holdings UK brings its complete expertise and knowledge of the Critical metals and minerals market to the fore in looking for exciting investment opportunities in the commodity production and supply arena.

Our senior staff each have over a decade of experience delivering responsible sourcing, with a positive track record of successfully investing. Boboro Holdings Mauritius targets new producers at inception or close to first production and existing producers who are looking to expand or develop. Typically, the investments are targeted and specifically backed by third-party risk analysis from world-class agencies.

From an investment perspective, the combined services of Boboro Mauritius as an investor and Boboro UK as a service provider through trading expertise, sales and marketing, agency, logistics and financing make for a compelling case advantageous to the miner or producer looking to develop their facilities.


We invest in high-risk

early-stage mining projects.

Boboro Holdings has extensive experience investing in high-risk, early-stage mining development and export business, especially Rare Earth, Copper, Lithium, Copper, Beryllium, Titanium Ore, and 3Ts (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten).

Rare Earth Elements
Titanium Ore


Our Founding Member

Iddi Mulengwa
Co-Founder, MD
Hilaire Bahati
Co-Founder, Operations
Ely Katembo
Co-Founder, Chairman
One of ours

Mauritius Office

Ground Floor, PCL Building, 43 Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis

UK Office

The Town Hall High Street East, Wallsend North Tyneside, NE28 7RR
United Kingdom

Dubai Office

Boboro Resources FZCO
404B Dubai Digital Park, Building A4
Dubai - UAE


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